AUgust 2019

Victory Garden Facilitator Morm Pech in her circular garden

Bun Sady, Morm Pech’s newest victory garden trainee in her garden

Victory Garden Trainee Chit Vansa

Victory Garden Trainee Od Hong

july 2019

Victory Garden Facilitator Dy Sokhum in her victory garden

Pictured here are two of Dy Sokhum’s newest victory gardens trainees, Yeam Chrep and Koun Savet, in their first victory gardens.

June 2019

Our victory garden trainees in Cambodia conducted a workshop in June to develop the necessary skills to teach other villagers about The Victory Garden Campaign. The trainees worked on how to talk to other villagers about gardens, how to listen carefully to what the villagers have to say, and how to explain the benefits of a garden. They also shared experiences of trying to teach gardening to others, and what they've learned from those experiences.

While sharing many similarities, there are of course social, cultural, and environmental differences between Cambodia and Malawi — and we are letting the trainees be pioneers in exploring how victory gardens can best be successfully introduced in Cambodian society.

MARCH 2019

Here are some unique and sustainable ways that our victory garden facilitators in Cambodia are creating their gardens: 

FOAM CONTAINER GARDENS - A foam container garden is a planting bed that is portable. It can be used in either the rainy or dry seasons, and conserves water and space. The soil is watered through the tube at the top.

BAMBOO CIRCLE GARDENS - In a bamboo circle garden a variety of vegetables can be planted. It is also useful because due to it's small size it can retain water, especially during the dry season. 


Meet Soun Sanhsari -- Soun came to Toul Makak village 27 years ago and is now married with 8 children and 20 grandchildren. Soun, who was interested in organic farming, created his first victory garden in October 2018 after hearing about The Face-to-Face Project’s Campaign. The family has one hectare of rice field, but is only able to harvest it once a year. Before Soun created his victory garden, the family would buy about $1 worth of vegetables every day. Now, Soun and his family are saving money, eating healthier, and sharing this knowledge with their children. 

BEFORE: October 2017 - Soun Sanhsari in his newly created victory garden

AFTER: February 2019 - Soun & his family a few months later in their victory garden


27 villagers have now been trained as victory garden facilitators in Cambodia. In January 2019, our partners at Sustainable Cambodia and our newest victory garden trainees completed a 2-day garden workshop also including topics such as public speaking and presentation skills — all of which were practiced on a group of visiting Rotary Club members.

The Rotary members also dove right in and helped in creating new gardens.


BEFORE: OCTOBER 2018 - Dy Sokhom was one of the first villagers to jump on board and create her very first victory garden. Here she is pictured in October 2018 in her new garden after just mulching.

AFTER: JANUARY 2019 - Now just a few months later, Dy is proud to show off her garden which is flourishing and even has a living roof covered with winter melon.

December 2018

Prum Orn and his wife care for their two grandchildren while their daughter lives and works in Phnom Penh. Prum used to work on a commercial farm that grew corn, cassava, and long bean. Prum says that while the farm had been successful, heavy use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides eventually made the soil infertile and unproductive.

Prum wanted to be a Face-to-Face Project victory garden trainee because he believes that growing a variety of vegetables can be good for both his family and the soil. He is enjoying learning many new ways to think about gardening, food, and soil.

november 2018

Happy to report The Face-to-Face Project’s Victory Garden Campaign is off to a great start in the Pursat Province of Cambodia. In just 2 months time, gardens are growing, families are eating, and knowledge is being passed along.

Trainee Sik Sov, his wife, and his 3 children are excited to see how this new kind of gardening will produce more food for them.

Trainee Thuy Muni and his wife show off their 4-week old victory garden, almost ready to begin producing food for the family.


The Face-to-Face Project is thrilled to announce that we are bringing our Victory Garden Campaign to Cambodia!

On October 4, 2018, we conducted our very first day of workshops with permaculture expert, Cristiano Marinucci, from Cultures Permanentes.

We started off creating a garden -- no wasting time getting our hands and feet dirty -- and are excited to kick off the Campaign with 30 very enthusiastic trainees. 

It's wonderful to be working with Cultures Permanentes once again, and with our new partner, Sustainable Cambodia. We look forward to a collaborative and productive partnership that aims to create 3,000 Victory Gardens over the next 2 years.

October 12, 2018: Mr. Sik Sov, Victory Garden Trainee, Prey O'mal Village

October 6, 2018: Mrs. Chea Sokha, Victory Garden Trainee, Spean Village, Kondeing District