To help the poorest children and adults gain the most useful skills, F2F and its partner, SCC, have replaced conventional education and vocational training with forward-thinking programs that build expertise, confidence, and opportunities. 

At the SCC*F2F Centers, youth receive a quality education that also gives them the chance to learn art, music, dance, public speaking, community service, health, and gardening. Along with adult vocational activities, these child and youth programs give those from the poorest families the skills and confidence that will enable them to take control of their own future.

december 2017: Phnom Penh, F2F*SCC english class

After just a few months at school, Pong Lyheng's english has made vast improvements. This video was taken on December 5, 2017.

Most charity-run schools in Cambodia base their curriculums on the test-focused state school educational system. This system gives those with access and resources to tutoring and private classes a distinct advantage over poorer students.

However, F2F’s curriculum focuses on conversational English, which state schools do not emphasize. We know that conversational skills can open up a wide range of opportunities for young Cambodians, no matter what level of schooling they have. Furthermore, we’ve observed that younger students often learn to speak English more quickly than their older classmates — but after studying the language at state schools, their speaking and listening skills often diminished. 

Our strategy is to tap into children’s natural ability to acquire language by immersing them in spoken English, without overemphasizing grammar, spelling, and writing. Teachers take the opportunity to practice English with the students while they do other activities, including creating victory gardens and learning how to draw and paint.

december 2017: siem reap, 
the victory garden campaign

Having the students learn how to create victory gardens as part of our program gives children practical knowledge as well as satisfaction, pride, and ownership over being able to grow their own food.

Children from the SCC*F2F Community Center in Siem Reap harvesting their own vegetables from the Victory Gardens they created in 2017.

2. preparing vegetables 2.jpg

Farm-to-Table at the SCC*F2F Community Center in Siem Reap

Students are learning about nutrition while practicing their garden related vocabulary in English. Besides learning how to prepare and enjoy the fruits of their labor, many of the students bring vegetables home to their families, while some are sold to the community. 

november 2017: siem reap, the victory garden campaign

The level 2 and 3 english students started creating their victory gardens on November 8, 2017. Creating these gardens gives the students a sense of ownership and responsibility all while building their confidence. All of the victory gardens planted by the students are completely organic.

november 2017: siem reap, adult vocational training

Through F2F's support, the SCC*F2F Siem Reap Community Center is able to administer a 40-person adult program that teaches organic farming and vegetable grooming. 25 farmers met on November 8, 2017 to discuss local agriculture.

november 2017: Phnom Penh, F2F*SCC Art class

The kids at the F2F*SCC school love Friday art class! Art teacher, Mr Rattanak, teaches all the art classes in English to help the kids learn & practice their conversation skills. Here are some photos of the students practicing drawing Lotus flowers. 

siem reap, traditional dance program

The music teacher, Em Kamsort, F2F Executive Director, Ken Wong, and members of the traditional Cambodian orchestra.

Our traditional dance and music program has been very successful, giving children the opportunity to enjoy the arts, gain confidence in performing, and even earn income as several older students are now performing regularly at the larger hotels in Siem Reap.

We are now creating an original ballet based on the life of our music teacher, Em Kamsort, an orphan who worked as a young construction day laborer until he by chance was invited to learn the Cambodian xylophone.

Traditional music and dance program at our Community Center in Siem Reap. It's one of our most successful & joyful programs -- the kids love it, they perform everywhere, and some have gone on to make a living off it. 

PHNOM PENH, F2F*SCC volunteers

We would like to give special thanks to the volunteers who are helping teach English and art at our Beungkak School in Phnom Penh. Thanks for helping us make a difference and for volunteering and giving our organization and the students at the Beungkak School your time, talents and service!

Anna Frisch from Germany,
Volunteering with Bread For The World

Yon Yoeun from Denmark
Volunteering with Projects Abroad

Becky Jones from England
Volunteering with Projects Abroad

Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) focuses on serving the most at-risk populations, including people living with HIV/AIDS and underserved children. Above, the SCC staff at an organizational retreat.