join us at our annual nyc victory gardens benefit

  • Purchase a ticket to our annual NYC cocktail reception taking place on October 3, 2019.


  • Any donation large or small makes a difference. Local Malawian villagers who receive your gift become donors themselves as they use peer-to-peer training passing on their gift of knowledge. This allows them to help others as you've helped them.

Volunteer or Become an Advisor for THE FACE-TO-FACE PROJECT

  • This might entail joining The Face-to-Face Project Board of Directors

  • If interested in volunteering email us to inquire about volunteering at one of our events

Access Your Network

  • Introduce The Face-to-Face Project to more people that might be interested in supporting our work, including others within your network (i.e. family, friends, co-workers, staff, clients, board members, etc.)

  • Approach clients who may have a corporate responsibility program already established to include The Face-to-Face Project on their list of approved charities

  • Send out a letter or e-mail on behalf of The Face-to-Face Project

  • Find a story on the The Face-t-o-Face Project’s Website, Facebook or Twitter channel and share it with your friends. Your voice, joined with ours, makes things happen

  • Invite friends and family to purchase a ticket to The Face-to-Face Projects annual fundraising event in NYC

Matching Opportunities/Employee Incentives

  • Conduct a fundraiser or fundraising challenge within your company with your fellow employees

  • Offer to have the company match donations over a certain amount

  • Offer the employee who raises the most money some type of reward i.e. a day off, a gift certificate somewhere, or if it’s a substantial amount of money raised offer an opportunity for a field visit with some trip costs being covered (after first discussing with The Face-to-Face Project)

Host A Cultivation Event/Fundraiser

  • Host an intimate dinner party and talk about the work of The Face-to-Face Project and your direct experience

  • Approach a local restaurant or bar about hosting a cocktail hour. Invite friends, family, colleagues and other peers to attend. Either charge a small cover or ask for donations. Speak about the work of The Face-to-Face Project and your involvement

  • Host a raffle at a cultivation event – prize could be a trip to the field with some expenses being covered (after first discussing with The Face-to-Face Project)

  • Conduct an online campaign over social media and email. Reach out to friends, family members, colleagues and other peers to request donations and help The Face-to-Face Project reach a set fundraising goal by the end of a specific campaign

  • If there are local marathons or workout challenges taking place, start a team and raise money for The Face-to-Face Project

Start A Local Chapter Program 

  • Connect with others who are involved in The Face-to-Face Project in your area and start a local chapter. Have regular meetings to discuss further ways of involvement and outreach i.e. approaching local businesses, schools, community centers, churches

Utilize Your Skills In Other Ways

  • Start/Participate in a crowd-funding campaign

  • Start a Facebook Campaign

  • Help out with graphic design work

  • Be a guest blogger for The Face-to-Face Project (social media, website, newsletter)

  • Provide an endorsement quote for The Face-to-Face Project


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