Update from the field: Mothers take a stand in Malawi

Dear F2F friends, 

Recently, we reunited with 12-year old Chifundo and her 3-month old son, Precious. 

Malawi just passed legislation making it illegal for girls to marry before 18, and F2F is the first to give meaning to the law at the ground level. With support from UNAIDS we surveyed attitudes and initiated outreach using village mothers, fathers, youth, and chiefs. 

At our first outreach session in Malawi, focused on changing villagers attitudes toward girls marrying at a young age, mothers took the stage. Dramatizing the dangers of girls having a baby at a young age, 3 mothers thoroughly entertained the audience while driving home a life-saving point. 

Change from within - that's the best kind of change. 

Ken Wong, Founder and Executive Director