Welcome F2F's Newest Board Member, Chrigu Imhof

F2F would like to extend a big welcome to our newest board member, Christian (Chrigu) Imhof. 

Chrigu has been an integral part of the F2F team even before becoming an official member of the board. He has not only worked since 2000 as a project manager and team leader at an engineering office, but is the founder of BeastMode Bern Gym, in Bern Switzerland. BeastMode Bern has raised over $25,000 dollars for The Face-to-Face Project since 2012, through a variety of events, including their 24-in-24 workout challenges. This past year alone, BeastMode's events raised $8,470 in support of our Ticket to Success / Rising Stars HIV+ youth program. 

Chrigu has already visited F2F's field projects in Malawi 3 times, and plans to return in February 2017. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated advocate, and look forward to working together with both Chrigu and BeastMode Bern gym in the coming years.