Barren ground transformed into plush home gardens, Malawi

First up is the permaculture impact we're having. In Kang'oma, villagers never had gardens next to their homes -- the land was always bare ground. (People have fields outside the village) Having gardens near the house makes tending the garden easier, water can be collected from roof runoff and other nearby sources, and it's easier to keep goats and other pests away. 

Through permaculture, villagers learn to only use natural fertilizers, to plant in a dense, jungle style, and increase plant diversity so they grow a great number of different vegetables. Yields are up to 300% more than if they just planted maize. Permaculture boosts nutrition, reduces risk, increases income, and rejuvenates the soil.

This is Mrs. Khoma's home garden. The results are stunning. Even better, her team leads "cluster meetings" which spread this knowledge throughout the villages. 

We are making a big difference! Thanks to all of you!