Severe drought condition in Malawi

In 2015, Malawi’s inflation was 25%, maize (Malawi’s staple food) prices doubled, and the local currency continued tumbling against the dollar – from 450 kwacha/$1 in January 2015 to 700 kwacha/$1 this month.

I can assure you that when people are hungry, every other problem gets even worse.

12-year-old Chifundo and her parents (the mother has her own 3-year-old baby) urged Chifundo to marry the young boy who got her pregnant. We understand – there’s no money to feed Chifundo, and certainly not her baby, so now the boy’s family could feed her and the baby. The marriage didn’t happen – the boy’s parents refused. We try to keep an eye on Chifundo and her baby, to make sure they are doing ok. Last month, their house caved in, injuring Chifundo’s father.

If people can grow enough food, that’s the first step. Issues of early marriage, HIV, health, education — for people who are starving, that’s not what’s on their minds. Face-to-Face believes these issues can be dealt with by first promoting sustainable, affordable, diversified farming practices.