Meet The Strong & Positive Mother’s Club in Malawi.

Left to right:

Joyce: age 57. Husband died of AIDS. Lost 8 of her 10 children, some to HIV.

Nasoko: age 46. Husband died of AIDS. Takes care of 8 people.

Agness: age 70. Husband died of AIDS. Lost 3 children, perhaps to HIV.

You can tell from the photo that these are strong women.

Rural HIV+ mothers form a club where they learn about permaculture, leadership, public speaking, and HIV skills — and then they go out, disclose their HIV status, and teach all villagers how to grow more food, get tested for HIV, and inspire HIV+ women and men to not feel ashamed and excluded.

This new 2016 F2F project pioneers the way for rural women to gain respect by teaching others about permaculture —everyone now wants home gardens. And by turning the stigmatized into role models, we’re sure this soon-to-be 8-member club will motivate hundreds to get tested and scores to begin disclosing their HIV+ status.

From a hot and sunny Malawi,