From the Ground Up in Malawi


I know of no other charity in Malawi that spends as much time in the field as Face-to-Face. Just this trip, we've sat in dirt offices, on a road, in fields of flowers, and of course under the shade of trees. We're working on relationships with so many villages — all with the goal of harnessing the strength of community.

In the meetings, everyone is included — youth, women, men, HIV+ people, chiefs. Everyone is asked to talk. Most important, everyone is encouraged to work together.

Our on-the-ground approach works. We're now collaborating with over 200 chiefs, and they're mobilizing their villages to act now to fight hunger and disease. They can't wait any longer for outside aid or their government to help them.

In the face of Malawi's drought and economic failure, the work of F2F is all the more important! Thank you for making it possible for us to do what we do.