Top Chief in Malawi Gets a Victory Garden!


With the chance of a major drought, these gardens are becoming increasingly crucial. So to reach more people, F2F has received the go-ahead from the most important chief in Malawi to create 2 gardens right in front of his house.  

This chief, TA Tsabango, shown closest to the camera with former president Joyce Banda, is responsible for 348 village chiefs and hundreds of thousands of people. When these chiefs visit his house for meetings, they'll surely marvel at our gardens, which will look like mini jungles.

Most charity interventions ignore the tribal chief structure, instead going through government channels. F2F works with the chiefs because they are connected with the people.

TA Tsabango can't believe we can grow vegetables on such bare, hard-packed plot, but he says he's excited to get his hands dirty working with compost and manure side-by-side with our garden team.