The Victory Garden Campaign Launch in Malawi!

Ken Wong reports directly from Malawi:

“I'm back in Malawi, preparing the launch of our biggest campaign ever -- the Victory Garden Campaign to help 100,000 Malawians in the time of drought and hunger. The country faces its worst food crisis ever, with half its population needing food relief by the end of the year.

Today in Kanjoka village meeting, we learned that all 4 of its wells were dry, and the government warned that anyone caught taking water from the river (still a 30 minute walk) to water a garden would get a fine of $14,000 and 5 years in prison. True or not, I don't know, but a bucket to use for drinking and washing is ok; a bucket to water your vegetable garden isn't. It's all insane.

Though just a couple of months into the dry season, everyone already knows neighbors who have no food. Our victory gardens will save lives — Kanjoka villagers carry river water up to their homes, wash dishes and bathe, and use every drop for their home gardens. 

In the face of extreme hunger, there is beauty in the human spirit.”