Transparency in Malawi Makes Big Events Possible

On July 24, 2016, F2F began the Chadika Victory Garden public event and Youth Tournament of Hope. We had a huge crowd, a smashing success, and an amazing atmosphere of joy and hope -- much needed in this time of drought and food crisis.


F2F requires communities to take ownership of activities and events. That means giving them money in order to put on a big public event, showcasing victory gardens, youth groups, outreach, and sports.


Giving money in societies where there is no money is challenging -- it can quickly bring about jealousies, misunderstandings, and misuse. 


We make the exchange happen in public -- in this photo, villagers receive money from F2F, count it, and then give it to their local community organization. Transparency is key.


Our victory gardens help parents raise healthy children!  In Malawi, 40% of children under age 5 are stunted, like Patricia Batoni's baby. A maize-only diet isn't so great. But Patricia is now growing 8 kinds of vegetables in her victory garden, which will bring better nutrition to her children.