How Green It Can Be: Last Dispatch from Malawi Visit


During our 3 weeks in Malawi, we met with 4 embassies and 5 global charity agencies.  Only the Canadians and UNDP offered hope for supporting food crisis measures that aren't in the form of food bags.  Besides saving lives, F2F's victory gardens are self-reliant, sustainable, and longterm. As I leave villages that face 5 more months of no rain, I fear the global funding system won't change in time to help them. 

My last day here was the final launch of our Victory Gardens Campaign to help 100,000 people. Elitina (pictured below) supports 5 people and her family's poor maize harvest resulted in her running out of maize flour in June. But her victory garden, which was part of the launch's garden tour, showed hundreds how her family can survive with its 10 varieties of vegetables.

In spite of no working water well in the village, Elson and his wife (pictured below) know their garden will carry both family, and neighbors thru the food crisis. In fact, they've created 5 such small gardens around the house — each requiring small amounts of water.

With your help, F2F can make a tremendous, green difference in this time of Malawi's worst food crisis in its history. 

Thank you all, enjoy the rest of your summer, and if you can make it, I'd love to see you at our Oct 5 gala in NYC.


Best wishes,

Ken Wong, Director

The Face-to-Face Project