Strong and Positive Mothers Lead the Community!

F2F’s Strong & Positive Mothers Club, our HIV+ rural women’s group, helped create home victory gardens in a new village whose chiefs asked us to come help. Assisted by a Te Karanga team visiting F2F for a week, the mothers taught villagers to make gardens and conducted a nutrition survey.

The survey revealed what we knew already — people have days without eating regularly, and their only source of water are puddles of water remaining from a stream that is already vanishing underground. Malnutrition rates are extremely high, and as the dry season continues until the end of the year, the sad truth is that people will start dying.

F2F knows what’s happening on the ground here. We are excited to share our knowledge in the hope we all can act together to save lives.

Here are images of our Strong & Positive Mother's Club creating home victory gardens in a new village -- and teaching us how to break ground and carry water:

These HIV+ women are truly amazing, and inspire all of us through their example, leadership and community participation.