The Fruits of Victory

Last October, The Face-to-Face Project kicked off our Victory Garden Campaign in Cambodia with 26 enthusiastic garden trainees.
In just a few months time, gardens are growing, families are eating, and knowledge is being passed along. Quality of life is already improving. 
In a small village in Pursat Province, Samrith Phally did hard construction labor to support his family of five. Samrith earned $5 a day -- when he found work. 

With his Victory Garden, Samrith now saves almost $2 a day from not buying vegetables. In addition, he sells surplus vegetables, including Chinese kale and mustard, for $40.

Stories like Samrith’s are what make this Campaign such a success. Thanks to the continued support of donors like YOU, 2019 is off to a great start!

“My garden is big and produces a lot of food. It is more than enough to support my family! I hope I can spread the knowledge of the Victory Garden Campaign.” Samrith Phally