What $1 A Week Can Do!

At age 67, taking care of 3 orphaned grandchildren is tough — especially when your husband passes away too. Penniless and with no income, Rhoda Janasani said the family used to have no food to eat before going to sleep. 
Last year, Rhoda and her 13-year-old grandson Samalani created and then expanded their victory garden to the point where it now grows over kinds of 20 fruits and vegetables. Rhoda is selling surplus produce, making around a $1 a week.
$1 a week may not seem like much. But Rhoda can now pay school fees and buy salt, cooking oil, meat, clothes, and blankets. That $1 a week also enabled her to open a village savings account.  
Her tomatoes sell well, because they’re delicious. And oh so sweet. 

Rhoda Janasani and her three grandchildren in their victory garden. 13-year old Samalani is pictured on the left smiling at his grandmother.