about cambodia

Population: 15.76 Million

3M live in poverty

40% of children under 5 are chronically malnourished

On average, children spend 10 years trying to complete their primary education — only half will finish

our work

We partner with Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) to bring child and adult programming to local Cambodian communities. In Cambodia, the poor have very few options for employment, and often abandon their education early on. While community centers address immediate needs by providing education and healthy meals, our long-term focus is on helping young people and adults envision and plan for their futures. We provide community members with educational and experiential opportunities that help them better understand all that is possible for themselves, regardless of economic circumstance.

The Beungkak school teaches 50 students from the poorest households math, science, Khmer and English, and also offers extracurricular programs in gardening, art and music.


The Beungkak School is situated on what used to be the Boeung Kak lake. The school provides 50 students with the CBE program, and also exposes students to extracurricular programs like dance, music and art. The Beungkak school is also home to the Beungkak youth group, made up of 10 students who have a strong interest in music. 


The SCC*F2F Siem Reap Community Center has a children's basic education program that serves 100 students, a 40-person adult program that teaches organic farming and vegetable grooming, and a youth group program that focuses on music, dance and flower cultivation. 





The SCC*F2F Community Center in Siem Reap provides 100 students with a basic education program and 40 adults with vocational training. Training is focused on organic gardening, vegetable grooming and business management. Students and adults alike are given instruction in farming and flower cultivation. Our Siem Reap youth group takes part in music and dance lessons.