As of July 2018, the VICTORY GARDEN Campaign has surpassed 17,000 productive home gardens created in 1,089 villages in central and southern Malawi.

the Campaign continues to expand with new GVH communities requesting to join — a powerful testament to the appeal and success of these LOW-cost high yield gardens.

BEFORE: November 2017 - Alexious Tengani's newly planted garden

AFTER: January 2018That same garden just a few months later

BEFORE: November 2017 - Chrissy Kwezalambe's Victory Garden located in GVH Nyambalo 

AFTER: January 2018 - Her new lush garden bringing smiles to the faces of the whole family

BEFORE: November 2017 - Medson Namaona's Victory Garden

AFTER: January 2018 - That same garden located in GVH Nyambalo

BEFORE: Chief Makulenje was one of the first people in his village outside of Lilongwe to learn about and start a home Victory Garden.

AFTER: 3 months later — Chief Makulenje is a chair garden facilitator in his tribal district, helping hundreds of other villagers create gardens.

BEFORE: November 18, 2016 — In Khombe village, this mother and child created their first Victory Garden.

Families Working Side by Side for a Brighter Future!

This father and daughter are proud to show off their growing Victory Garden in their village of Khombe. For the first time, villagers can grow enough food to eat, earn income, improve nutrition, live healthy lives, and take control of their own future. 

Couples Working Side by Side for a Brighter Future!

The man in this photo took a one-day F2F Victory Garden training workshop taught by one of our local facilitators. He was so excited about what he learned, that he shared the knowledge with his wife. Now, each of them have created a garden, side by side.

AFTER: February 21, 2017 — Just a few months later, this once barren plot of land is a lush and fruitful garden.

Siblings Working Side by Side for a Brighter Future!

3 sisters created their own Victory Garden after their parents, who created their own garden, were so excited about it that they taught their daughters how to create their own. Everyone is now learning about nutrition, gardening, soil, mulch, compost and most importantly, self-reliance.

Villages Working Side by Side for a Brighter Future!

9 Villager Workshops representing 8 tribal GVH districts and one youth group in the Chadika area are held on one day. 3 facilitators lead each of these 9 villager workshops.

By the end of the day, 225 new gardens were created. 

ABOVE: 10 villager workshops took place in the TA Malili district on March 16, 2017. 250 Victory Gardens were created in just that ONE day. 


* Special thanks to Jeff Grant, Chrigu Imhof, and Madalitso Zulu for all their amazing photos, videos and hard work mapping out F2F's Victory Gardens.