We envision a world in which communities work together to end hunger and poverty.

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"Victory gardens are easy to create, cost nothing for the villager to maintain, and produce food within weeks."

Our Victory Garden Campaign aims to mobilize rural grassroots communities in Malawi and Cambodia to achieve sustainable solutions in the fight against hunger and poverty. Through the creation of high-yield, low cost victory gardens, villagers learn how to grow enough food to eat, earn income, improve nutrition, and lead healthy lives building a sense that change comes from within.

The Campaign improves the quality of life for all residents in a village — the more food people can grow, the stronger and more resilient a village will be. Victory gardens are easy to create, cost nothing for the villager to maintain, and produce food within weeks.

In 2022, you helped us achieve...


# of Communities w/ Victory Gardens


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Victories From the Garden

Mwayi Ngalande, Holy Family Hospital

"We’re seeing less child malnutrition at our hospital, and I believe that’s because of victory gardens. In a short time, F2F has become the NGO with the biggest impact in this district."

Help us make a difference in more lives.

Meet Saukani


For years, Saukani Chatha and his family of four had debt, no food, and little income. His declining eyesight made matters worse.

How could he work and provide for his family if he lost his vision? 

In May of 2018, Saukani created his very first victory garden, but it was not without obstacles. After finally growing his harvest, animals barged through the fence that was protecting his garden and destroyed his entire harvest.

Saukani did not let that stop him. He reinforced his fencing and rebuilt his victory garden.

After his newly restored garden began to produce food, Saukani was able to sell his surplus vegetables, starting a village savings account with the proceeds, and for the first time in his life, Saukani made an investment. That investment was in young pigs and chickens that later help him make even more income. 

Saukani's victory garden helped him get out of debt, provide for his family and end the fear of hunger that had long plagued his family. He now promotes the idea of victory gardens to those in his community with the hope that he can help other families overcome poverty and hunger.

How Your Donations Help

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$15 USD

$15 USD

Build and maintain ONE garden to help us feed a family of 4.5 people!

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$250 USD

$250 USD

$250 provides 16 gardens feeding 72 people!

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$1,000 USD

$1,000 USD

$1,000 provides 66 gardens benefitting close to 300 people!

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