Ending malnutrition through eduation and empowerment



Our 360+ facilitators are the eyes and ears on the ground, critical to long term success


Active Gardens

Victory Garden's bring a source of sustainable food and income to families who need it


People Being Fed

The garden's our communities build and grow benefit 4.5 people per family

Victories From the Garden

How Your Donations Help

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$15 USD

$15 USD

Build and maintain ONE garden to help us feed a family of 4.5 people!

diamond garden-01
$250 USD

$250 USD

$250 provides 16 gardens feeding 72 people!

diamond garden-03
$1,000 USD

$1,000 USD

$1,000 provides 66 gardens benefitting close to 300 people!

Why our Victory Gardens Work:

They are lasting

Our victory gardens provide families with a continuous supply of food. Excess supply is sold for additional income, helping villagers purchase other essential goods.

Villagers can grow up to 25 different vegetables, helping them feed their families for generations to come and rely less on simply one crop!


They are local

We work with local villagers, tribal chiefs, and community leaders teaching them how to create their own drought resistant home gardens.

Teaching locally means the knowledge obtained will be passed down from generation to generation, compounding the impacts we are having in these local communities today!

They cost nothing for villagers

Creating and maintaining a victory garden comes at no cost to the villagers we work with. Families create home gardens using materials readily available to them, and use their own private or community land for the gardens.

Your support covers the costs of training local facilitators and conducting garden workshops in new communities!


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Susan Manuel, Villager in Malawi

"I am getting vegetables on a daily basis without spending money. I have beans, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin leaves, sweet potatoes, even okra. Traditionally, women like me walk long distances to buy vegetables. Today, I am home doing other chores because when I need food, I just walk into my garden to pick what I want."

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