Emergency Victory Garden Workshops

This past March, Cyclone Freddy wreaked havoc on southern Malawi impacting many of the communities where Face-to-Face works.  As rain continued to fall throughout the month, almost half of the country was faced with damage from the storm.

  • Malawi experienced the equivalent of 3.5 feet of rain in 4 straight days.
  •  Over 1,200 people have died.
  •  Thousands of homes toppled.
  •  More than 650,000 people are displaced and living in camps.
  •  2.2 million people lost their crops which were a month away from harvest.

Because victory gardens are remarkably resilient and easier to repair if damaged, many families are relying on their gardens as food becomes scarce and income is needed. If F2F can continue to act quickly, we can help villagers turn this tragedy into an opportunity to embrace a holistic strategy that gives them food for today, income for tomorrow, and a safety net for the future. 

 Above: F2F Program Manager, Lameck Mandevu, demonstrating how to prepare compost using manure, dry leaves, grasses, ash and water.                                                                           

Above: F2F Field Coordinator, Andrew Zulu, teaching F2F victory garden beneficiaries about maize
varieties and intercropping techniques.
Above: F2F Program Coordinator, Mada Zulu, demonstrating how to propagate trees using stem cuttings.
Above: F2F Victory Garden Facilitator teams hard at work helping villagers tend to their gardens, replanting, mulching, and repairing any damage caused by Cyclone Freddy.