July 2022: It’s Official, F2F Registered in Cambodia!

We’re pleased to announce our victory garden program in Cambodia is now recognized as a Cambodian-registered NGO/charity.

F2F Cambodia, like F2F Malawi, will continue to be under the direction of our original F2F Project. As we’ve increased to over 1,100 Cambodian families eating better, saving money, and earning income, we’re excited to continue pushing the extent that home victory gardens can improve lives of both families and communities.

Celebrations last week kicked off our new NGO status with a traditional Buddhist ceremony, speeches, dancing, and lots of fresh vegetables!

F2F Victory Garden Facilitators.

Presentations were given on the history of F2F’s Victory Garden Campaign in Cambodia and its many successes.

Preparing for the festivities to begin.

Bountiful displays of victory garden veggies on hand.

F2F Staff & Victory Garden Facilitators posing at the launch ceremony.

Sakara In, F2F’s Program Manager in Cambodia.