Malawi Follows Zambia In Declaring Drought Disaster

As the shadows of drought extend across southern Africa, spurred by a relentless El Niño, the resilience of its people is put to the test. Following Zambia’s declaration, Malawi now finds itself in the grips of a severe drought disaster, a challenge that threatens the livelihoods and food security of thousands.
F2F is hard at work reimagining the methods of food cultivation, transforming traditional monoculture maize fields into centers of diversity and sustainability.

Hundreds of Malawian villagers are leading this change, embracing practices that nurture the earth that feeds them. They are setting aside harsh chemicals in favor of compost piles, enriching their soil with manure, and conserving water with thick layers of mulch. The goal? To create rejuvenated, healthy, living soil that not only survives but thrives, offering a greater, more reliable yield per acre.

At F2F we are focused on the creation of sustainable, productive agricultural practices that empower communities and combat the harrowing impacts of climate change.