March 2023: Welcome Jason Reed!

We are pleased to be partnering with organic farm expert from USAID’s Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture program, Jason Reed. Jason will be working closely with the F2F Malawi team over the next week or two to teach new practices that focus on making current maize fields more diverse, productive, and sustainable as well as concentrating on soil rejuvenation. Our goal is to start transforming maize monoculture fields to diversified Victory Fields.

Despite the current devastating flood situation in Malawi with Cyclone Freddy, F2F is ready to support our victory garden communities. Besides working towards a solution that provides villagers with the adequate food they need to feed themselves and their families, F2F is working to make sure those families also have a safety net for the future. Part of our approach includes developing both regenerative farming and tree cultivation workshops.

Welcome Jason!