"Permanent Agriculture" allows people to live sustainably and organically off the land. In Malawi, the rural villages of Kang'oma, Chadika and Mchenga improved food security by embracing composting, manure-making and other organic practices that maximize farm productivity without costly and harmful chemicals.


Community Building

Inspiring people in poor communities to work together to care for each other, strengthening self-reliance and promoting sustainability. This works for the long term, because its strength lies within the community.


Youth Enrichment

Disadvantaged and HIV+ youth in Malawi and Cambodia participate in sports and gain skills in community service, public speaking and HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness and prevention. PHOTO: Bethia Chawoneka, a member of the Ticket to Success program, which teaches life skills to HIV+ youth in Malawi's capital city of Lilongwe.


Children's Education

Impoverished children in three communities in Cambodia receive basic education in math, science, art, music and dance as well as a nutritious daily meal. PHOTO: Children attending school at the SCC*F2F Community Center in Siem Reap.


Adult Vocational and Leadership Training

Promoting economic self-sufficiency with vocational training and support for adults, with special emphasis on income-generating activities for women and people with HIV. PHOTO: Members of a vocational craft training program in Battambang, Cambodia.


About the Face-to-Face AIDS Project

Our Mission

Nurturing self-reliance and civic responsibility in people affected by extreme poverty and disease so they can develop the knowledge and confidence to initiate sustainable strategies that raise the quality of life for themselves and their communities.

Who We Are

A US 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Brooklyn that implements programs from a field office in Malawi and through a close partnership in Cambodia with the highly acclaimed grassroots non-governmental organization, Salvation Centre Cambodia. Our office in Malawi operates as a Malawi-registered nonprofit.

A Different Approach to Charity

The Face-to-Face AIDS Project believes long-term change is possible if a community has the collective mindset and leadership structure to take ownership of its future. Rather than telling people what to do, we prefer to confront specific issues such as extreme poverty, famine, HIV, malaria, and other diseases, orphan care, or women’s rights by equipping the community with the tools to come up with solutions on their own.

Help Support Our Projects

F2F relies solely on your generous support to ensure that our projects are successful.